Tradition and Faith in a Changing World

IMG_3246Rockway was founded by Ontario Mennonite churches in 1945, on the site of one of the first Mennonite farms in Waterloo County. Our founders imagined a school that would prepare their children for a rapidly changing world, while conserving their community’s values, traditions, and faith.

The orchards and fields that once surrounded the school were absorbed by the City of Kitchener long ago.  But Rockway continues to integrate excellent academics with the Mennonite community’s faith tradition.

Rockway offers Religious Studies (RS) courses at all grade levels, which provide grounding in Christian values, beliefs and history from a Mennonite perspective.  The life and teachings of Jesus are central to how we engage our students in discussions of faith and life.  We equip students to seek values that will guide them as they participate and lead in their communities, churches, and global society.

globeSupplementing our RS curriculum, students attend Chapel programs twice a week, which are led by teachers, fellow students and guest speakers from around the world.  Within a diverse and open school community, we desire to enlarge the world for our students as they engage issues such as fair trade, the environment, militarism, health, poverty, peacemaking, and many other needs in our local and global community.

Faith education at Rockway is animated by asking, “Who is my neighbour?”  When we try to answer that question, we develop appreciation and respect for perspectives that are different from our own.

Grounded in a Mennonite faith perspective, our program nevertheless seeks to connect with other world religions, many of which are represented within our student body.  Our curriculum includes an exchange with a local Muslim school, visits with Jewish rabbis, and interaction with members of the Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim communities.  These connections are deepened by Rockway’s strong student exchange program.

Our Religious Studies courses:

  • Grade 7: God Calls a People
  • Grade 8: God’s People Walk in Faith
  • Grade 9: An Upside-Down Kingdom
  • Grade 10: History of the Christian Church
  • Grade 11: World Religions
  • Grade 12: Philosophy

“Teaching the Grade 12 Religious Studies course was an exhilarating experience for me. I expected it to be both interesting and challenging. What I did not anticipate was the degree to which the students would be open to thinking deeply and creatively about faith questions in the context of their lives, their community, and their world. In retrospect, I should not have been surprised; this is exactly the kind of engaged thinking that Rockway encourages in its students.”

– Lynn Bergsma Friesen

In this class I have been pushed to hear new ideas and understand new concepts… I have enjoyed this class so much that I have decided to take a similar religion class in University and I hope that my spirituality will continue to grow there as well.”

– Student Course Evaluation Comment

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