“Piecing It Together” artwork revealed

Posted on: February 4th, 2017 by Rockway Mennonite Collegiate | Posted in Arts, Rockway News

Every year Rockway invites our senior visual art students to create an original piece that depicts our chapel theme for the year. Grade 12 students Kat Allaby, Leah Bauman, Katie Goerzen-Sheard took on this challenged and unveiled their impressive work that explores the theme Piecing It Together, Finding Our Place in the Puzzle.

Here is a description of their creation, in the artists’ own words:

“This work explores the concept of the year’s chapel theme – Piecing It Together, Finding Our Place in the Puzzle.  As a collaborative in itself, this triptych painting focuses on the coming together of artists, canvases, and multiple pieces, all to create a whole.

The abstract expressionist approach taken with this work and the use of value (moving from dark to light) are intentional, as they allow for what at first appears to be unrecognizable, to create meaning in the eyes of the individual viewer.”

The piece has been hung in our worship space as a visual reminder to all.

Untitled, 2017, Kat Allaby, Leah Bauman, Katie Goerzen-Sheard, Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas, Collection of Rockway Mennonite Collegiate


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