A Few Tips for Rockway…

Posted on: September 25th, 2017

We received a message from a new Rockway parent that told a truly heartwarming story about the start of the school year. Here is what it read:

My daughter Kate started at Rockway in Grade 7 this year. 

I asked a grade 10 student (Rebecca MacNeil) if she had any advice to share with a student just starting out at Rockway and I wanted to share with you what she had to say (see attached letter).

It is SO awesome & she is such a superstar. I can’t even believe she did this – she made my day & made my daughter’s day too. 🙂

The letter was written by Rebecca MacNeil (grade 10) for Kate Houle (grade 7) and with her permission, we share it with you here.


Thank you Rebecca, for being such an amazing Rockway student and mentor to those around you!

We can all benefit from your tips and generous, positive spirit.