Our Mission

As a Christian educational community within the Anabaptist Mennonite tradition, Rockway Mennonite Collegiate integrates sound academic learning with growth in character and faith, together with a passion for peacemaking and service to God and all creation.


Rockway’s objectives are:

  • To partner with the families and congregations that comprise the Mennonite Church Eastern Canada in the mission of Christian education.
  • To teach the Bible as the story of God’s revelation to the world and to encourage students to choose the teachings of Jesus as guidance for their daily life.
  • To lead students to understand and appreciate the history of people of faith, with emphasis on the Anabaptist/Mennonite witness of faithful discipleship.
  • To equip students to discern values in the world, in order to responsibly participate and lead in their church, community and global society.
  • To enable students to weigh educational, lifestyle, vocational and voluntary service choices that offer healing and hope in a world of disparities.
  • To offer a program of academic excellence recognized by both the Ministry of Education and institutions of higher learning.
  • To inspire academic achievement in order to broaden, enrich and challenge students’ learning and world-view.
  • To foster a stimulating and safe school environment where students, faculty and staff reconcile individual freedom with mutual accountability and learn a wholesome respect for self and others.
  • To enrich classroom learning with diverse extra-curricular opportunities for participation and leadership development.

Rockway Student and Graduate Vision

DSC03045Forming Faith…Building Character

From a Christian Mennonite faith perspective, and in partnership with families and congregations, we are committed to walk with students to help form and transform their learning, character and faith. Our desire is that students and graduates will learn, grow in faith and build character as they practice virtues that demonstrate the best of who they are. With grace we will walk with students as they practice becoming responsible, globally-minded, compassionate and reflective learners. We refer to these are the four pillars:

  • Responsible

Teachers teach with purpose and passion and students learn to demonstrate academic self-discipline, focus and determination.

  • Globally-Minded

Teachers model hospitality and love and open the world in their teaching and students learn from the experiences and perspectives of others alongside seeking opportunities for cross-cultural learning and friendships.

  • Compassionate

Teachers build safe, nurturing and stimulating classes for learning and students learn to work together and collaborate with others.

  • Reflective

Teachers model their Christian faith commitment and help their students engage and reflect on questions and convictions that matter and students are encouraged to ask questions and seek to align life choices and faith convictions.

Our History

On February 15th, 1945, delegates from Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada decided to open a new Mennonite high school. With seven months to plan, they went to work and hired the schools first Principal, Harold Groh and secured a 14 acre plot of land located close to the Rockery (now Rockway Gardens). A fundraising goal of $50,000 was quickly set and the community went to work in making alterations to the existing house and barn to accommodate the first group of students. Rockway’s first teacher, Salome Bauman, was also hired to guide the academic program.

And so Rockway was born; 27 students crowded into the grade 9 room and 11 students into Grade 10 that first year. School life was closely monitored and extracurricular activities were closely regulated. A devotional committee was struck, the student newspaper was called “Classroom echoes,” a social committee began and instead of custodians, students had to clean that facility. Boys swept, washed blackboards, emptied ashes from the furnace; girls waited on tables, washed and dried dishes, peeled vegetables and cleaned the dorm area on the second floor.

Overriding all of the logistics of both opening and operating the school, was the underlying vision and mission of Rockway. Rockway’s founders desired a school that would provide a strong academic and faith education while also creating opportunities for students to both grow in character and understand their ability to positively impact the world around them.

These ideals still ring true today.

For a detailed understanding of Rockway’s History, please read “Lead Us On,” written by Sam Steiner to celebrate Rockway’s 50th Anniversary.



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