Ann Colour for WebDear Parents,

Thank you for considering Rockway Mennonite Collegiate ~ I believe that we offer one of the best overall middle and secondary school experiences available in our region, with opportunities for personal growth and learning that are unique to our school community. If you visit Rockway, interact with our students, meet our teachers, talk with our alumni and read our materials, I am confident you will reach the same conclusion. This is an exceptional place of learning where faculty and staff are committed to educating and developing young people who respect and value themselves, and who understand their role as contributing citizens of our far-reaching community.

Rockway is, first and foremost, an outstanding school with a rigorous academic program. More than ninety percent of our students go on to universities and colleges in their program of choice. More than half our graduates last year were Ontario Scholars. We offer an enriched program in small classes, designed to reach students of diverse learning styles, taught by a remarkable team of dedicated and gifted teachers. Our students are deeply involved in the life of our school, its activities,


and its engagement with the wider community. As you will see throughout this website, our small size is a huge asset, and it offers us great flexibility in developing and delivering a rich, creative program that addresses the academic, social, athletic, artistic and spiritual needs of our student body in an affirming learning environment.

Rockway is a Mennonite school, and approximately half our students have personal connections to that faith tradition. Ours is a religious tradition concerned with putting its values into action through service and peacemaking, with an awareness of our obligations to one another in community, and to discerning together what makes for a just and compassionate world. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and appreciate the richness that this diversity brings to our classrooms and our school.

Rockway offers its students a wide array of leadership development opportunities, and our experience is clear: Rockway students graduate ready to pursue their dreams, eager to make a difference, and prepared for life’s challenges. If you have any questions about what Rockway has to offer your child, please contact us.

Ann L. Schultz, Principal


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