Why Attend?


“Rockway Mennonite Collegiate provides its students with an opportunity to grow and thrive through a comprehensive school curriculum that includes rigorous academics, character building athletics with fantastic coaching, a varied arts and music program that includes drama, vocal and orchestral opportunities and additionally highlights the importance of spiritual practice. Students are encouraged to consider the importance of service to others and are provided with opportunities to make a difference to their local community and abroad.

The Staff and Faculty provide an inclusive, respectful environment demonstrating  caring for their students thorough compassion, partnership and respect for the diversity of our human experience. The teachers are not only invested in teaching their course curriculum but through their energy, active listening skills and  dedication, work tirelessly to show  the importance of self respect, confidence, and  team building. It is a nurturing place where valuable life lessons are taught, and students are encouraged to realize their potential. A fantastic highschool experience!”

– Ruth Gingell – Rockway parent since 2015

A parent’s perspective is important to highlight why you should choose Rockway.
Explore other key reasons to attend Rockway below:

You may wish to view our brochure [PDF] or our Annual Report.

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