A Small School For A Big World

Secondary school prepares you for life in a world that is rich in opportunity, alive with beauty, and burdened by enormous challenge. Your time at school doesn’t only increase knowledge and skills; it also helps form your values and ambitions.  It gives you a set of influential teachers, and friends to share the journey.  Your choice of school shapes how you will face life.


Rockway Mennonite Collegiate prepares students to be responsible, globally-minded, compassionate, and reflective learners.

Our rigorous academic program creates space and time for critical reflection on basic questions about what is good, fair, and just.  We teach to the heart as well as the mind.

The result is that Rockway’s graduates are not simply ready for the real world; they are also committed to building a better world.

Over 90 percent of our students earn entrance into university or college either directly from graduation or after intentional gap year of service, work or travel experience. Our alumni have entered and excelled in every field of endeavour – including medicine, law, science, the arts, ministry, athletics, social services, education, and business. Whatever their career choices, Rockway alumni can often be found dedicating themselves to making their communities and their world more humane.

Rockway’s small size promotes a fun, friendly learning environment, and ensures that no student is lost in a crowd. A wide range of extra-curricular activities, including strong programs in competitive sports and music, offers an outlet for almost every interest.  A robust student exchange program has sent Rockway students to visit France, Germany, Jordan, Guatemala, China, Labrador and other parts of Canada.

A Christian school in the Mennonite tradition, Rockway welcomes students of all faiths and perspectives, and encourages respect and curiosity amid diversity.

We invite you to consider how Rockway Mennonite Collegiate might help shape your life in the big world.

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