School Size and the Student Experience

IMG_9674Research consistently finds that small schools are more successful schools.  Students in smaller schools achieve better academic outcomes on average, are more likely to be engaged in extracurricular activities, feel greater pride in their schools and a keener sense of community, and they enjoy deeper and more meaningful interactions with their teachers, administrators, and peers.   Smaller schools tend to have smaller classes and greater comradery among faculty, which leads to greater cooperation, innovation and adaptability in curriculum and program for individual students and their classes.

At Rockway, all these results are true to our experience.  Our size makes it possible for keen students to excel academically while they play on multiple sports teams, assume student leadership roles, sing in choirs and act in school drama productions. For those students who may require some additional academic support or mentoring, our size makes it possible to receive the teacher attention and encouragement that they need to thrive.  In most public schools it is virtually impossible to replicate the range of opportunities we can offer our students.

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