Scholarships & Tuition Assistance


Rockway offers scholarships established by donors wishing to provide funds for students who require extra assistance with tuition payments.

  • Una Cressman Entrance Scholarship: $500 for new Grade 9 student from an MCEC congregation.The Una Cressman Entrance Scholarship is an award given annually to a Grade 9 student entering Rockway Mennonite Collegiate. It is awarded in the memory of Una Cressman who was a nurse and a tireless church worker in Argentina.
  • Isaac and Helen High Entrance Scholarship: $500 for new Grade 7 student from an MCEC congregation. The Isaac and Helen High Entrance Scholarship fund was established with part of a gift from the High’s estate in 1999. The High Scholarship was established as an award given annually to a Grade 7 student entering Rockway Mennonite Collegiate.
  • Harold D. Groh Scholarship: $350 for a new Grade 11 or 12 student from an MCEC congregation. Harold D. Groh, an ordained minister of the Mennonite Church, was secretary of the founding committee of Rockway Mennonite School.  He was appointed its first principal, a position he held from  1945 – 1956.  Mr. Groh was steadfastly loyal to the school in promoting and building support for it throughout the constituency.
  • Rella Woolner Music Scholarship: $2000 for a student at Rockway who is passionate about music!  The successful applicant will have demonstrated an involvement and proficiency in music (vocal / instrumental) at school, church and/or in the community.

To apply for a Scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Application Form . For further information,contact or call 519-743-5209.

Tuition Assistance

Rockway has a tuition assistance program available to help Canadian families who require financial assistance to make Rockway a reality for them.

Tuition assistance is awarded at the sole discretion of the school to any qualified applicant, with priority given to returning students, siblings of returning students, and families from our MCEC, MB or BIC conference churches.

Please note that income questions will be asked as part of the application process.

The tuition assistance application form must be returned with the application or re-application form.

To apply for Tuition Assistance, please complete the Tuition Assistance Application Form [PDF]. For further information, contact or call 519-743-5209.

Note that students may apply for Scholarships AND Tuition Assistance. Forms must be completed each school year.

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