You can support Rockway Students with a Sweet Treat!

Posted on: October 2nd, 2017

Andrea Parsons (neé Schlegel), Class of ’95, and her franchise, Marble Slab Creamery (Waterloo – University), is helping Rockway mark National Family Week (the week before Thanksgiving) with special in-store Marble Slab Creamery coupons that give your family a sweet deal on ice-cream cones and cakes (just in time for

$5 from every coupon will come back to Rockway’s new Business Program. You can reuse your coupon as many times as you like through to the end of the year. Printed coupons are available from Rockway’s main office during school hours or download an e-coupon here.

When you meet Andrea, you can’t help but be impressed with her energy, vision and positive attitude toward youth. When I met with her recently at Marble Slab Creamery, she had just returned from volunteering at a camp with her children. She sees youth as an asset to any business, and it shows from the moment you step in the door. You are greeted with a smile and enthusiastic young staff.

Andrea comes by her youth-positive business philosophy naturally; she was raised in a very entrepreneurial family. She worked hard during university to purchase a rental property, and later successfully managed and owned a long-term care facility. With marriage and three young children, Andrea wanted more balance in her life. She decided to sell her business and invest in the franchise, which gives her more time with her family.

Currently, Andrea employs around 15 staff and a Manager, and likens her role to one of coaching and mentoring. She fondly remembers the value of strong role models in her own youth, particularly her parents and grandparents. And as a Rockway Alumna, she valued Rockway Chapel and attending school with international students.

It seems only fitting that Andrea is now supporting youth at Rockway by raising support for Rockway’s new Business Program, which aims to integrate Anabaptist Mennonite values such as ‘mutual aid’ with good business. These are the very values that have shaped Andrea’s business career.

For Andrea, it’s all about passing on the same support, opportunities and business mentoring and coaching that she benefitted from during her youth. And she’s committed to doing that one youth at a time, and one ice-cream at a time. Now, which of the 50 flavours of hand-crafted ice-cream and ‘mixins’ will you choose for your family this Thanksgiving?