Connections Weekend 2016

Posted on: November 17th, 2016

Connections Weekend is a time when Rockway Alumni return to the school to reconnect, catch up and share memories. I’m not an Alumni and as a new staff person, the entire weekend was a new experience for me. As I look back, there were several surprising highlights.

20161117115546-902f439bI remember being pleasantly taken aback by the number of young families who joined us for the Spaghetti Supper in support of the Grade 10 trip to Quebec. It was uplifting to watch generations of Alumni and their children interacting. I can still see, and hear, children from two young families running through the halls, full of energy and laughter. The school rang with the hope and promise of their young voices.

At the Alumni Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Challenge, the bonds of respect and friendship were clearly evident during the women’s game. And Rockway spirit was surprisingly loud and proud during a hotly contested men’s game. What an incredible victory for the Seniors Boys team! It is the first time since 2005 that they have defeated the Men’s Alumni team. The evening left me with an awareness of Rockway’s sports legacy, and how important this is to Alumni and how it inspires current students.

20161104163847-d0fd0cdeThe Retired Faculty and Staff breakfast on Saturday morning was certainly a quieter affair, almost poignant. I felt such a deep sense of privilege meeting and hearing from twenty or more guests as they reflected and shared. The significance of their legacy hung in the room. A little later across the hallway, I popped in to greet the Class of ’86 during their reunion. I have to admit, I was struck by how healthy and young they all looked – it must have been a good year! I only visited briefly, because the gathering felt intimate, which I suspected reflected the strong bonds that Rockway students carry through their lives.  I’m understanding this more as I watch my son, a recent graduate, continue to treasure his Rockway friendships and community.

20161104164105-747860b4The Entertainment Gala was a perfect finale to the weekend: Rockway friends, past and present, coming together to support the school that remains so important to them. The camaraderie amongst guests was evident from the outset, and their friendly banter played well for an evening of food, fun and entertainment by Chris Funk.

If I had to sum it up, I would say that the Connections Weekend represents the best of Rockway: friendship, community and legacy, all fueling the aspirations and dreams of future Rockway students. I can’t wait for Connections Weekend 2017!