Grade 7 & 8 Retreat: Playing to Learn

Posted on: October 11th, 2017


Because they are pretend, games have potential for creating safe space in which important learning can occur. While on their day retreat at Hidden Acres Camp, the grade 7 and 8 students joined in simulation games with Katie Gingerich of The Ripple Effect Education (Centre for Peace Advancement, Conrad Grebel College).

The grade 8 students explored the power and limitations experienced by various groups within society, as they tried to make sure that everyone in their group had enough water, food and money to survive. They learned that power and opportunity is sometimes not earned, and that access to resources is not always fair.

Grade 7 students adopted unique cultural attributes and tried to communicate effectively with each other. They learned that cultural assumptions can get in the way of relationships. Thank you, Katie, for helping to bring some clarity to these incredibly complicated life issues!

The rest of the day felt like summer! We enjoyed rock climbing, low ropes, swimming and archery – and being outside together. And if you have any doubt about Ms. Shantz’s archery prowess… well, just ask Mr. Modolo!

Click on the gallery below to a few full-sized images of our day together.