Learning in 3-D!

Posted on: November 3rd, 2017

We are grateful to the Umetsu family who arranged for this donation from Intel. Alex Umetsu (grade 11) poses with our new printer.

Thanks to a thoughtful Rockway family who arranged a generous donation from Intel Corporation, Rockway is the proud new owner of a MakerBot 3D printer! Students can access it in our new Digital Media room, the ideal setting for collaborative, technical learning.

“The timing was perfect,” explains computer teacher Sara Wahl. “And students are thrilled.”

Because of the basement renovation supported by the Lead Us Onward campaign, students have a place to develop their designs, and teachers can easily share and monitor the new device despite teaching in different courses. The donation also came with a year’s worth of filament in a rainbow of colours.

One of our first experiments with the 3D printer was a Rockway logo, designed and printed by grade 12 student James Carr-Pries.