Resilient Strategies for Stressful Times

Posted on: November 3rd, 2017

Resilience is getting up one more time than you’ve fallen down.
It is the art of the elegant rebound!

In the face of life’s challenges, resilience isn’t automatic. It doesn’t happen by magic but instead it is cultivated by consistently implemented strategies. By having some mindful strategies in your emotional skills toolbox, you will be able to remain grounded, rooted in reality and will be able to deal with challenges and difficult emotions with much more ease.

Mindful Strategies

  1. Anchor Yourself
    Notice where your body is in space. Your feet on the ground. Your thighs on a chair. Or your back leaning against a wall. Notice the feeling of your clothes on your body. Notice the sound of your own breathing. Pausing anywhere, anytime and breathing slowly and noticing your body can give you the mental break you need not stress overwhelm you.

2. Become Momentarily Thought-less
When you are feeling overwhelmed by feelings and thoughts coming at you at warp speed, let your thoughts float by like clouds. Difficult, anxious or fearful thoughts are always grounded in the past or the future NOT the present. Stay with your body now and then come back to your thoughts later when you can reflect on them in a less stressful place and time.

3. Set Self-Care Routines
Keeping your emotional, physical and mental immune system strong means building
positive, healthy routines in the areas of eating, sleeping, exercise and being aware your level of attachment to electronic devices and the impact your amount of use has on the other areas of wellness. The thoughtful care you put into staying healthy will serve you well when tough times come your way.

4. Show Compassion for Self and Others
Did you know that having compassion for yourself and for others can make you stronger? Developing compassion for others is like taking a multivitamin for your heart! But the starting point for all compassion begins with yourself. Befriend yourself first and then extend that kindness to others.

You can prepare for challenging times but practicing these strategies on a daily basis and when things are going well.

Start small. Pick one. Practice it today. Then again tomorrow. And the next day. Soon it will be a habit.

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