Rockway’s Exchange Programs


Exchange and travel opportunities have become an integral part of Rockway’s curriculum. The following points outline our vision and rationale for these programs.

  • Exchange and travel opportunities enrich our curriculum. They afford students and faculty opportunities to learn in new ways and create bridges to the broader world. Students gain cross-cultural awareness and global perspectives on various issues. Teachers benefit as new questions and insights are brought into the classroom.
  • Exchange and travel opportunities open students to larger issues of Christian faith service and lifestyle. Students grow in their understanding of the dialogue and relationships so fundamental to a witness of Christian service and peacemaking in our world.
  • Exchange and travel opportunities extend Rockway’s second language teaching. Students use their language skills and learn to appreciate first-hand the cultures of France and Germany. Our Mandarin instruction serves to open students to the language, culture, and history of the Chinese people. Our Spanish lessons facilitate the opportunity for students to speak directly with the Guatemalans they meet and work alongside.
  • Our exchange and travel opportunities are funded by the students themselves, either through group fundraising or individual contributions.
  • Rockway’s exchange and travel opportunities seek to accommodate as many students as reasonable for each trip. Student participation is based on:
    • demonstrated commitment and openness to experiencing a new culture;
    • positive school involvement;
    • successful completion of any necessary prerequisite courses;
    • a commitment to share in group fundraising initiatives;
    • and the ability to pay the individual monetary portion.
  • Student participation is also premised on adequate supervisory staffing, including at least one male and one female for each trip.
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