About Student Services


As you enter the school from the main parking lot, Student Services can be found in the first office on the left.

Students, teachers and parents are all welcomed by the warm atmosphere of the Student Services office with its comfortable seating area and full computer access for students to research their post-secondary options and quiet study.

Office hours are from 8 am to 4 pm.

Our Guidance Counsellors

danette adams deb baxter heeney
Danette Adams
519.342.0007 ext. 3030
Deb Baxter Heeney
519.342.0007 ext. 3028








Important Changes in Student Services

In order to create more time for students to meet individually with counsellors, Student Services will move to an email and appointment slip system and move away from the primarily “drop in” one of past years.

This intentional shift will allow time for Guidance Counsellors to initiate meetings with more students than they were able to do previously. Guidance Counsellors have the goal to meet with each student through the year. These meetings will be initiated by Student Services but can also be initiated by the student any time.

Students may reach Guidance Counsellors through:

  • email via the website (by far the most effective method)
  • appointment slip in mailbox available in Student Services
  • drop in at lunch time only

Counsellor-initiated appointment slots will primarily be during Periods 4, 5 and after school. Lunch breaks will be reserved for “drop in” requests when Guidance Counsellors are available.

We look forward to meeting with you and your student this year!

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