Rockway offers an outstanding and rigorous academic program for students in Grades 7 through 12. Our school is fully accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education and awards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Rockway, however, offers a more enriched and dynamic learning environment than you will find in most schools.  And our students emerge from their time here ready to succeed and excel in whatever futures they choose to pursue.

Rockway Course Calendar

This document contains detailed information about:

Course Descriptions – Read detailed descriptions of accredited courses offered at Rockway.

Accreditation – Our program is fully accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education

OSSD Requirements – Requirements to obtain an Ontario high school diploma

Student Evaluation – How are students evaluated?

Rockway Mennonite Collegiate Diploma – Something more…

Ontario School Record and Transcript – What is an Ontario credit?  What is compulsory?

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Rockway students lead an enriched arts life having opportunity to get involved in the Visual Arts, Drama and Music in all grades. In addition to in class study, Rockway offers a variety of opportunities to take skills development to the next level through events like our Visual Arts Exhibition, Christmas and Spring Music Concerts, and our annual Dramas/All-School Musicals.

Ways to Get Involved

Drama Opportunities

  • Gr 7-8 Drama
  • Gr 9-12 Drama
  • Sears Festival
  • All-School Musical (held every three years)

Visual Art Opportunities

Art Excursions to both local and major Art Galleries:

  • Gr 7 visit to Homer Watson House and Gallery
  • Gr 8 visit to KW Art Gallery
  • Gr 9 visit to McMichael Canadian Art Collection
  • Gr 10 visit to Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)
  • Gr 11 visit to the McMaster Museum, Vaults 7 Paper Centre & the Art Gallery of Hamilton
  • Gr 12 four-day trip to AGO (Toronto), Museum of Civilization & National Art Gallery (Ottawa) and Montreal Museum of Fine Art
  • Rockway’s annual Visual Art Exhibition, now featuring grades 7 through 12
  • Participation in the annual Expressions Exhibition, with the Kitchener Waterloo Public Art Gallery (kwag), profiling the best of student art work throughout the Region of Waterloo

Music Opportunities

  • Gr 7-8 Choir, Gr 7-8 Winds, Gr 7-8 Strings
  • Intermediate String Ensemble, Intermediate Wind Ensemble
  • Gr 9 Choir, Gr 10 Choir, Senior Choir
  • Concert Combo (Vocal), Ichtus (Wind Ensemble), Chamber Orchestra (String Ensemble)
  • Stage Band
  • Intermediate Winds & Strings perform at the Music Festival at Canada’s Wonderland
  • String Symposium, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Ontario Vocal Festival (Choral)
  • Annual Senior Choir Trip (past destinations include Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon & Virginia)


Whether you are playing a pick-up game in the gym at lunch time or competing on a school team, Rockway values the student athlete and their contributions to our school.

More About Athletics


The business program is in its inaugural year at Rockway. Our focus with this new program is to offer our senior students an entry into the world of international business and leadership through in depth study, discussion and hands-on learning on an array of topics. Our goal is to expose learners to local businesses as well as international leaders, through the unique lens of Rockway’s values. Students will have the opportunity to explore business issues through practical case studies, learning tours and conversations with community leaders.

More About Business at Rockway

Business Leadership

Students interested in learning about business leadership will have the opportunity to dig into topics such as human behaviour, motivation, strategic planning and how to organize a company.  Together we will discover different leadership styles (is servant leadership the best style?), delve into what conflict looks like in the workplace (how can our values shape how we manage conflict?), and understand why social responsibility is slowly becoming the new way of operating for successful businesses.

International Business

With Amazon shipping products to your door overnight on one hand, and international trade agreements being questioned on the other hand, success in business requires a global perspective.  Our international business course offers a pathway to understanding an economy dominated by global relationships. By pursuing an understanding of how factors like culture and geography can impact a business, to learning about which types marketing approaches are needed to enter new countries, Rockway students will journey into the world of global business.  Ethical issues such as working conditions, bribery and cultural respect will be at the forefront of our conversations in this new course.

Grade 7&8 Program

Rockway’s Grade 7&8 program offers rich academic programs in which small class sizes facilitate unique learning opportunities designed to reach students with diverse learning styles. We offer our Grade 7 and 8 students many opportunities for leadership development not available to all students in other schools and the difference is clear: our 7&8 students embark on a path towards graduation ready to pursue their dreams, eager to make a difference and prepared for life’s challenges.

More About Grade 7&8

The Rockway Difference:

  • Smaller Class sizes – Rockway caps classes at 24
  • Inquiry-Based Learning – We prepare students to become creative, collaborative and critical thinkers. We build on the student’s natural curiosity to develop high-order thinking skills.
  • Increased Instructional time – Rockway offers a longer instructional day including expanded programs in Phys.Ed, Music, Arts Education, Drama and Religious Studies
  • Trips – Fall Retreat, Silver Lake Outdoor Education Trip, Ft. George History Trip, Ottawa, and year-end class trip.
  • Music program – Students receive instruction in winds, strings and vocal music
  • Experiential Education – Students are taught Family Studies and Design and Technology in fully equipped facilities.
  • Healthy Living – Open Gym time at lunch plus 210 minutes of Phys. Ed. per week
  • Chapel and Assembly Program – All Rockway students gather for chapel twice weekly where they are exposed to many diverse ideas and topics.

Faith Formation

Rockway offers many unique opportunities for faith and character formation. The entire school community gathers twice a week for chapel. Through scripture, prayer, music, visuals, hands-on spiritual practices, celebrations, storytelling, sharing and thoughtful reflections, all participants are encouraged to explore and grow their understandings of life lived from a Christian faith perspective.

More About Faith Formation


Rockway offers a unique opportunity for faith and character formation. Twice a week the entire school community gathers for chapel. Through scripture, prayer, music, visuals, hands-on spiritual practices, celebrations, storytelling, sharing and thoughtful reflections, all participants are encouraged to explore and grow their understandings of life lived from a Christian faith perspective.

Singing a rich variety of traditional hymns, choral music, contemporary anthems, camp songs and music from the global church is an integral part of the chapel experience.

Chapel participation is an important part of Rockway’s emphasis on building a welcoming, accepting and caring community. Chapel speakers include faculty, staff, students, alumni, local pastors and other guests from around the world.

A student-led Faith & Worship team provides opportunities for students to learn about, plan, and lead worship, marking significant events in the church calendar, including Christmas and Easter.

Each year a chapel theme is chosen to guide, challenge and inspire chapel planners.

Religious Studies Courses

Faculty and staff strive to be creative disciples of Jesus by valuing relationships and practicing compassion, generosity, wise discernment, active peacemaking, creation care and spiritual growth.

By participating in ministry approved, for credit Religious Studies courses in all grades, as well as service opportunities, retreats, international exchanges, and choirs, Rockway students are enriched and challenged to explore, express and practice a “lived” faith.


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