Don’t take our word for it, below are testimonials from parents and past students about their experience at Rockway.

Rockway may be the single best decision we are making for our children. As a university professor, the quality of my kids’ educational experience is an extremely high priority. I am convinced that no better high school experience can be found anywhere in Waterloo Region. I didn’t know how happy my kids could be until they started going to Rockway. Academics, extracurriculars, community life.  Worth every penny and every ounce of invested effort.

Mark Weber, Rockway Parent since 2013

  • Isaac, Class of 2020
  • Kat, Class of 2022

At Rockway, our daughter has the opportunity to grow and thrive through a comprehensive school curriculum that includes rigorous academics, character building athletics with fantastic coaching, and a varied arts and music program. She is encouraged to consider the importance of service to others and is provided with opportunities to make a difference to her local community and abroad.

Rockway is a nurturing place where valuable life lessons are taught, and students are encouraged to realize their potential. A fantastic high school experience!

Ruth Gingell, Rockway Parent since 2016

  • Sydney, Class of 2017

We would like our kids to be educated, not trained; for that, Rockway Mennonite Collegiate has been an excellent place for them to grow.

After two years, their outlook for life has expanded, along with their academic excellence.  Rockway also provides amazing opportunities to participate actively in various sport teams, in school plays, and in building a safe community network as a class through choirs and retreats.  We admire teachers for their dedication in teaching, but also we are grateful for their genuine care for our kids beyond just academic excellence, by just listening to their concerns, guiding them with faith-based leadership, and being “present” in their transitional walk through Grade 7 & 8 to start Grade 9 this year.   

Jennifer Roggemann, Rockway Parent since 2015

  • Jarred, Class of 2020
  • Janeen, Class of 2020

I want my children to learn the lessons of yesterday, and I also want them to be prepared for tomorrow.  That is why I am really happy they are at Rockway today.

As a parent I seek a school where my children can feel special while knowing they are only a small part of something larger, where the life-giving inheritance of teachings from our Mennonite forebears is made relevant to the complicated world they are preparing to enter, and where the gifts of music, community and belonging greet every child that walks through the door.  Thank you Rockway!

Larry Willms, Rockway Parent since 2013 

  • Abigail, Class of 2017
  • Jonah, Class of 2022

As a parent I feel my kids have had a universally positive experience at Rockway. It is a small school with small class sizes. What I like most, however, is that the teachers are wholly committed to these kids and see them as valuable people beyond their responsibilities in the classroom.

Laura MacGregor, Rockway Parent since 2008

  • David, Class of 2019
  • Robert, Class of 2014

At Rockway, teachers empower their students to become peacemakers and agents for positive change. As a smaller school, Rockway facilitates individualized learning and extra-curricular opportunities and my teachers were always looking for further ways for me to develop my passions. Rockway offers a uniquely caring and compassionate environment for students to build strong connections with their peers and their teachers. Six years after graduation, I deeply value the relationships I created at Rockway.

Zainab Ramahi, Class of 2010

  • Juris Doctor Candidate 2019, UC Berkeley School of Law

At Rockway, my kids have no doubts that their teachers care about them and want them to succeed.  The academic program is rigorous but there is plenty of support.  There are tons of opportunities to get involved in sports teams, music and the arts.  The small size and strong community ensures that no one is left on the margins.  My kids are challenged every day to think about the positive difference they can make in the world.  The atmosphere is so positive that it’s almost hard to believe.  Walk the halls at Rockway and you can tell right away that it’s a friendly, happy, welcoming place.

Marcus Shantz, Class of 1990, Rockway Parent since 2014

  • Timothy, class of 2020
  • Nathan, class of 2021

If you were to design the ideal environment to help young people achieve their full potential as scholars, athletes, artists and leaders, it would look a lot like Rockway. This school is a place where literally everyone contributes to the mission of integrating sound academic learning with growth in character, faith and a passion for peacemaking. Rockway was a big pull factor in our move back to this community in 2015 and the profound positive impact of this ‘small school for a big world’ is already evident in our kids. We can’t think of a better investment in their future.

Scott & Mel Morton-Ninomiya, Rockway Parents since 2015

  • Maya, Class of 2019
  • Aidan, Class of 2021

After my 7 years at Rockway, I’ve realized that Rockway can’t really be described as a school, because it’s so much more. Rockway is an academy, an institution that thoroughly prepared me for university engineering. Rockway is a church, a group of believers on a journey to explore their faith and the faiths of our neighbours. Rockway is a community, a collection of ideas, ideals, friends and family, where personalities can blossom, talents can thrive, and lessons will last for a lifetime. Rockway isn’t just a school. It’s an experience.

Lukas Winter, Class of 2014

The 2016/17 school year was our family’s first taste of Rockway. Cecilia thrived at Rockway this year and we saw tremendous growth both academically and socially. The transition from homeschooling to the classroom environment wasn’t without its challenges but we felt welcomed and well supported by the teachers and administration. Beyond the academics it was wonderful to see Cecilia involved with some of the many extra-curricular activities from choir/concerts and sports.  Perhaps most importantly we feel she has formed strong friendships with peers that share similar values. Thank you, Rockway!

David Erb, Rockway Parent since 2016

  • Cecilia, Class of 2022

Rockway helped me prepare for success in University, business and life. The small
class sizes were great, and the quality of teachers were second to none, allowing me to
discover my true calling. The biggest differentiating factor for me however was being
surrounded by bright and motivated students who wanted to succeed. This made the
transition to University seamless for me and helped me balance a full workload while
playing varsity volleyball. I was used to being surrounded by high calibre individuals
who prompted me to “dig in” to maximize my potential in athletics and academics. To
this day I still collaborate with some of the same Rockway students that I studied and
won championships with. It isn’t a cliché that the community I forged at Rockway still
surrounds me to enrich my life.

James Yantzi, Class of 1996

  • BSc – Molecular Biology – University of Guelph (2000)
  • MSc System Design Engineering – University of Waterloo (2006)
  • President – Seegene Canada

For me, Rockway was an unexpected and timely gift. And looking back, it was really a time of
self discovery. Rockway provided an encouraging environment for me to flex different muscles and experiment with different strengths. Whether it was getting involved with the student council, deepening an academic interest, singing in a choir, playing in a variety of sports, or finding a diversity of friends, my time at Rockway came to highlight different facets of who I was.

I like to think of my time at Rockway as my first introduction to holism. The schools very nature is in service of the whole person. The resiliency, the self acceptance, the courage, and the self confidence that can come out of Rockway’s programming supports the students as they continue to move through the world and take risks.

Ben Snider, Class of 1998
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine ND

Rockway provides such a nice platform for International Students to talk with different nationalities of people in this school, which makes this community more multicultural and in my own words, this is the reflection of Canadian culture. This is exactly like the school website says “ A SMALL SCHOOL FOR A BIG WORLD”.
My tips for building an International Friendship:

  1. Be confident in yourself.
  2. Respect other cultures.
  3. Do not worry about your nationality or race. Just be yourself and share your hobbies with people who have something in common with you.
  4. Do not isolate yourself in one social bubble. Try to hang out with people who speak other languages. Take me as an example: I hang out with Canadian students as well as Chinese students and obviously, this helps me understand more cultural things than before, so I feel I am more International now, than who I used to be after these three years of being at Rockway.

I truly believe if you have a nice personality and big heart you will be friends with anyone from anywhere around the world and, as the world becomes more globalized segregation should not exist anymore. We should appreciate living in a country like Canada because it provides hundreds of opportunities for us to make friends from the world.

Jerry Li, Class of 2017

I didn’t have the choice to go to Rockway, I didn’t really want to go. My older brother attended and I was next to go! I was 14 years old and in hind sight didn’t understand what would be important in my high school experience. I am so thankful that my parents made that decision for me. Rockway provided me with an incredible opportunity to participate in so many aspects of the schools offer. The small school experience allowed me to experience pursue strong academics, music and athletics which have all played incredibly important roles in my life after high school. My previous pursuits as a professional athlete and the existence of my investment and retirement planning company are both very closely linked to the opportunities I received at Rockway.

On top of a great foundation onto which I’ve built two great careers, Rockway provides an amazing interpersonal experience as well. Many of my close friends were made at Rockway. I’ve been able to maintain connections with many of the teachers at Rockway and still enjoy crossing paths with them (I hope they can say the same!). The mutual respect that teachers and students seem to share with each other at Rockway is an incredible difference from what I’ve witnessed elsewhere.

When I first walked through the doors of Rockway, I never could have imagined the community that I was joining. It is difficult to express the value that Rockway had on me as a student, or the ongoing value that Rockway provides for me in my career and my friendships. Thank you Carolyn and Glenn Snider (Mom & Dad) for giving me the opportunity to be a part of all that Rockway offers.

Lucas Snider, Class of 1996

Rockway is great because the teachers and students are very nice and care about helping me to
improve and prepare for University. I also like that I can make new friends and that there are
many activities that allow me to try new things and explore Canada.

Clarence Li, Class of 2017

Teachers at Rockway are friendly and caring and the school does a good job at helping
international students make friends and integrate into the school setting. I would recommend
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate to anyone who wants to have a great education in Canada.

Florence Au, Rockway Parents since 2015


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