Sharing your Treasure


Your treasure may be a gift-in-kind waiting to happen that could add to life at Rockway (gifts-in-kind are defined as non-monetary gifts e.g. real property, articles purchased or made and vehicles). For example, people have donated vehicles that were refurbished by Rockway’s Design and Technology Department. One vehicle was given to a local family who had settled here during the crisis in Syria. You’ll be amazed what good your treasure might do!

Rockway reviews all gifts in kind to ensure we can accept them and put them to good use; we want to make the most of your generosity.

Canada Revenue Agency requires that you provide certain information to Rockway as part of any gift-in-kind donation. This information is detailed below.

Gifts of Property Other Than Vehicles:

If the item was purchased with the intent to donate it, the receipt will be issued for the purchase price of the item excluding any taxes.

If the item was purchased in the last 3 years, the receipt will be issued for the purchase price of the item excluding any taxes.

If the item was purchased more than 3 years ago and was purchased without the intent to donate it, you’ll need to include an appraisal of the Fair Market Value

Gifts from a Company’s Inventory:

You can write the donation off from inventory thus reducing taxes. According to Canada Revenue Agency this is the preferred method and usually provides the most tax advantage.

Handmade Items:

Will be receipted for the cost of the materials (less taxes).

Please note that in order to fulfill our legal obligations and due diligence for the issuing of gift-in-kind charitable tax receipts, once approved, all in-kind donations (except vehicle donations) to Rockway Mennonite Collegiate must be accompanied by this form signed by you. Thank you.

Vehicle Donations:

20160830_132904Rockway reviews and accepts vehicle donations based on the current needs of the Design and Technology department. Once approved, we rely on the Government of Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) process for vehicle donations:

You are responsible for bringing the vehicle to Rockway prior to any transfer.

The registered owner(s) of the vehicle must then accompany the Rockway Business Manager to the Service Ontario License Office to transfer the vehicle to Rockway.

The registered owner(s) has to sign the ownership to transfer the vehicle to Rockway and a Sworn Statement for Transfer of a Motor Vehicle in Ontario at the license office.

Receipting Guidelines:

The new ownership in the name of the school will satisfy the paperwork requirement for the gift-in-kind receipt.

Donations of vehicles that are roadworthy (i.e. normal maintenance required to re-license) require:

If no value is shown on the package the value will be determined from the current Canadian Red Book. The Average Wholesale value will be used for vehicles listed in the standard book and the Average Low value will be used for vehicles listed in the Older Car/Truck book.

Donations of vehicles that are not roadworthy:

A receipt will be issued reflecting the scrap value of the vehicle.

We are committed to being good stewards of all donations. When donating in-kind items to Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, please contact Karen Martin Schiedel, Business Manager, 519-743-5209 x 3010.

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