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Renovation plans for Rockway’s new basement

This summer, we will be revitalizing some Rockway facilities, specifically the basement and Assembly Area: reconfigured art spaces; more digital media spaces; new floors, ceilings, and large glass doors for a more open concept (please see below). The Assembly Area will get a complete makeover – ceiling, floors, sound, and lighting…all of this to give students better learning experiences.
Revitalizing our facilities is one of four priorities contained in Lead Us Onward, a road map to Rockway’s 75th anniversary in 2019/2020.

Why? Because we want to make sure that Rockway remains viable AND sustainable for future generations.  We want to make sure future students have the same opportunities at bright futures as your children have.

What will Lead Us Onward do?

  1. Sustainable Mission – make sure we have enough money to sustain Rockway’s mission and ensure students can thrive here
  2. Embracing All Students – make sure we continue to support families and students, and grow enrolment, so that more students can benefit from a Rockway education
  3. Inspiring Minds – continue to give students exceptional learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, such as the new business program
  4. Revitalizing facilities and equipment – make sure students have the best possible learning environment and tools

Lead Us Onward is 4 year campaign to raise $3 million.

Thanks in large part to a $625,000 matching pledge by a local family, over $1 million in support has been confirmed! We are all Rockway – students, parents, families, volunteers, Alumni, faculty, staff, Board members, and community members. This is our school and our opportunity to support bright futures for our children and beyond.

For the full story, read: Lead Us Onward.  And stay tuned for renovation and campaign updates.

To donate, click on the donate button and let us know how you would like to be part of Lead Us Onward and support Rockway’s mission and students.

Questions/Comments about Lead Us Onward? Connect with Christine Rier, Director of Advancement at advancement@rockway.ca or 519-342-0007 x.3011

The vision for Rockway Visual Arts and Digital Media programs

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