YOU can be the difference in so many ways. Read through the following choices and let us know how we can help you support students of all backgrounds on their Rockway journey. No matter how you give, your support will build wonder through inquiry-based learning, respect through faith-formation and character-building, and bridges through peace, community and global citizenship. Thank you.

Investing in Students – Donations of Securities

Some supporters of Rockway Mennonite Collegiate’s mission choose to donate securities such as m‎utual funds and shares, enabling them to have an immediate significant impact. And since the capital gains tax does not apply to publicly traded securities, this is a very efficient way of giving.

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Here’s an example of how it works. Let’s say you purchased common shares in XYZ Company for a cost of $1,000. If the current market value of those shares has increased to $5,000, you would have a capital gain of $4,000.

If you sell those shares and donate the cash proceeds, you’ll owe tax on the capital gain. But when you donate the shares directly to Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, you owe no capital gains tax and you’re able to donate the full value, meaning a larger donation supports student education and you get a tax receipt which reflects the full value of your contribution.

To donate shares/securities, you have two options:

donate_nowDonate your shares/securities online. Please note a 3% CanadaHelps’ fee applies to donations of less than $10,000; 2.5% fee applies to donations $10,000-$49,999; 2.25% fee applies to donations between $50,000-$99,999; 2% fee applies to donations of $100,000 and up.


Contact, Christine Rier, Director of Advancement, Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, 519-743-5209 x 3011 or

You can also donate publicly traded securities via Abundance Canada. They will sell the securities/stocks and disburse the proceeds to Rockway at your direction. You can disburse the proceeds immediately or over a period of years. Abundance Canada will issue you a receipt for your donation, and send a letter and cheque to Rockway informing us of your gift.

Abundance Canada considers a portion of the sales proceeds a donation to Abundance Canada to support their work. The amount of this portion is based on a sliding scale depending on gift size. At most, Abundance Canada will retain only 2% of the gift for donations of $50,000 or less, with the relative amount of the portion decreasing as the size of the donation increases. To explore if this the right option for you, visit:

Thank you for investing in exceptional education and building wonder for Rockway students.

Make Thoughtful Gifts

Remember the loss of someone special by making a thoughtful gift in their memory. This meaningful gift will let friends and family know that you are thinking of them, and thinking of how special Rockway Mennonite Collegiate is to someone in your life.

Or celebrate special occasions with gifts in the name of the honouree(s). Perfect for any occasion – birthdays, retirements, weddings, faith events, anniversaries, graduations – these gifts will bring joy to you and recipients, and be helpful to students.

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donate_nowOnce your gift has been made, on-line or through our office, we will send a card with a beautiful acknowledgement to the next of kin or honouree(s) of your thoughtful gift.

If you do not wish us to send a card, please indicate in the on-line instructions or contact Dawn Zehr, Bookkeeper, at 519-743-5209 x3013 or

Leaving a Gift in Your Will

What’s your Rockway story? Perhaps you were a student or teacher here or you appreciated the education your children received or you are looking forward to your grandchildren attending Rockway? Your desire to do the best you can for your family is the reason why friends of Rockway Mennonite Collegiate leave gifts in their Wills.

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Rockway has served Mennonite families and all community members for over 70 years with an exceptional academic experience, faith-forming, and character-building opportunities. Each Rockway story is as unique as the students we serve.


Most Rockway students earn entrance into university or college either directly from graduation or after an intentional gap year of service, work or travel experience. Alumni have entered and excelled in every field of endeavour – including medicine, law, science, the arts, ministry, athletics, social services, education, and business. Whatever their career choices, Rockway Alumni can often be found dedicating themselves to making their communities and their world a better place.

Join with them and leave a legacy of opportunity for future students. Through a gift in your will/estate gift you can continue to support Rockway students on their journey to becoming responsible, compassionate, and thoughtful global citizens.

Here are some Sample-Wording-for-Wills and Estate gifts (Bequests)  [PDF]

Gifts in Wills/Estate Gifts
may be designated to a specific part of Rockway’s mission. Undesignated Gifts in Will/Estate Gifts are entrusted to the school to be used how deemed best by the Board of Directors: undesignated gifts under $5,000 are used to support daily school operations. Gifts in value of more than $5,000 are placed in Rockway’s Estate Fund, to be invested (and reviewed) to grow reserve funds and funding for special initiatives, a portion of which generally goes to operations.

Through a gift in your Will/Estate Gift you can:

  • Create your meaningful legacy with a sense of purpose – ensure that your wishes for the causes that are closest to you and to your family’s hearts are honoured.
  • Ensure your peace of mind – make sure that your loved ones and the causes that you love are taken care of in the way you intend.
  • Conveniently convey your wishes – A gift in your Will is easy to arrange and can be made for any amount you wish – a specific amount, a percentage/residual portion or a contingent bequest, and changed at any time.

If you have yet to make a Will, please speak with your loved ones and professional financial and legal advisors. If you already have a will, you can speak with your family and advisors about adding a codicil (a brief instruction that is added to your will to reflect your updated wishes). By leaving a gift in your Will you will give the power and hope of education to young people, today and tomorrow.

Other ways to leave a legacy include trust deposits, shares and mutual funds, life insurance and gift annuities. Please discuss with your loved ones and personal professional advisors what works best for you.

Endowment Funds

Through the generosity of donors, Rockway Mennonite Collegiate has two Tuition Assistance Endowment Funds that are invested with Abundance Canada.

  • General Student Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund
  • Mennonite Student Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund

When you designate your gift to one of these funds, the full amount of your donation is added to the principal amount. While the principal is kept intact, any subsequent yearly earnings are used to provide financial assistance to students who would like to attend Rockway, but who otherwise would not be able to afford the full cost. On average, over 40 students per year benefit from some level of tuition assistance.

To support affordable, quality education for future Rockway students:

donate_now– Donate Now by credit card online

– Mail your cheque made out to “Rockway Mennonite Collegiate – General or Mennonite Student Tuition Assistance” to the address below:

Rockway Mennonite Collegiate
110 Doon Road
Kitchener, ON N2G 3C8
Attention: Dawn Zehr, Bookkeeper

The General Endowment Fund was created to help support Rockway’s annual operating costs. The fund is owned and managed by Abundance Canada. Gifts are held in perpetuity; Rockway’s Board of Directors allocates a portion of any annual earnings towards Rockway’s daily operating expenses. Anyone can make a gift or bequest to the General Endowment Fund; please make your donation to Abundance Canada and specify Rockway Mennonite Collegiate General Endowment Fund.

Scholarships – Some donors choose to recognize a person or family by naming a scholarship in their honour. Named scholarships are endowments. The principal amount is set aside in perpetuity and the interest accrued is used to make annual scholarships available. A minimum amount of $20,000 is recommended to establish a named scholarship.

Donor-Advised Scholarships (Scholarship Fund) are created by mutual agreement between you and the school. They are usually for a limited time until the donation amount is fully utilized and the donor’s wishes are fulfilled. The amount of these scholarships is limited to the amount of donor-advised donations to the Scholarship Fund.


For more information about leaving a legacy through your Gift in Will/Estate Gift or making a gift to (or creating) an Endowment Fund or Scholarship Fund, please contact:

Christine Rier, Director of Advancement

 t: 519-743-5209 x3011

Share Your Treasure – Gifts in Kind

Your treasure may be a gift-in-kind waiting to happen that could add to life at Rockway (gifts-in-kind are non-monetary gifts e.g. real property, articles purchased or made and vehicles). For example, people have donated vehicles that were refurbished by Rockway’s Design and Technology Department. One vehicle was given to a local family who settled here during the crisis in Syria. You’ll be amazed what good your treasure might do!

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Rockway reviews all gifts in kind to ensure we can accept them and put them to good use; we want to make the most of your generosity.

Canada Revenue Agency requires that you provide certain information to Rockway as part of any gift-in-kind donation. This information is detailed below.

Gifts of Property Other Than Vehicles:

If the item was purchased with the intent to donate it, the receipt will be issued for the purchase price of the item excluding any taxes.

If the item was purchased in the last 3 years, the receipt will be issued for the purchase price of the item excluding any taxes.

If the item was purchased more than 3 years ago and was purchased without the intent to donate it, you’ll need to include an appraisal of the Fair Market Value

Gifts from a Company’s Inventory:

You can write the donation off from inventory thus reducing taxes. According to Canada Revenue Agency this is the preferred method and usually provides the most tax advantage.

Handmade Items:

Will be receipted for the cost of the materials (less taxes).

Please note that in order to fulfill our legal obligations and due diligence for the issuing of gift-in-kind charitable tax receipts, once approved, all in-kind donations (except vehicle donations) to Rockway Mennonite Collegiate must be accompanied by this form signed by you. Thank you.

Vehicle Donations:

20160830_132904Rockway reviews and accepts vehicle donations based on the current needs of the Design and Technology department. Once approved, we rely on the Government of Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) process for vehicle donations:

You are responsible for bringing the vehicle to Rockway prior to any transfer.

The registered owner(s) of the vehicle must then accompany the Rockway Business Manager to the Service Ontario License Office to transfer the vehicle to Rockway.

The registered owner(s) has to sign the ownership to transfer the vehicle to Rockway and a Sworn Statement for Transfer of a Motor Vehicle in Ontario at the license office.

Receipting Guidelines:

The new ownership in the name of the school will satisfy the paperwork requirement for the gift-in-kind receipt.

Donations of vehicles that are roadworthy (i.e. normal maintenance required to re-license) require:

If no value is shown on the package the value will be determined from the current Canadian Red Book. The Average Wholesale value will be used for vehicles listed in the standard book and the Average Low value will be used for vehicles listed in the Older Car/Truck book.

Donations of vehicles that are not roadworthy:

A receipt will be issued reflecting the scrap value of the vehicle.

We are committed to being good stewards of all donations. When donating in-kind items to Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, please contact Karen Martin Schiedel, Business Manager, 519-743-5209 x 3010.

Shop Rockway

Shop Rockway gives you the opportunity to shop at your favourite stores with gift cards purchased at face-value from Rockway, which purchases them in bulk at a discount rate. Any savings help fund Rockway’s unique daily mission. Anyone can participate!

As an added bonus, you can choose to allocate 50% of the savings toward tuition payments or to the school’s operating budget. Shop Rockway runs August 1-July 31, with any savings applied in the following school year.

How it Works

Simply register for Shop Rockway, by completing a registration form and returning it to Rockway’s Business Office. Each participating family will be assigned an account number upon registration to keep track of their purchases and savings.

Once you have registered, Shop Rockway Gift cards are available for purchase (cash or cheque only) at Rockway’s Business Office window during school hours for:

  • President’s Choice (Zehrs, Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore/Wholesale, No Frills, Fortinos) – $50 & $100
  • Sobeys (Price Chopper, FreshCo.) – $50 & $100
  • Tim Hortons – $10, $20, $50
  • Food Basics  – $50 & $100

If you wish to pre-order 20 or more cards, you can email the Business Office at  and they will have your order ready for pick up. If you are ordering for a group, please use our convenient bulk order form.  Need more information? Call 519-342-0007.

Thank you! Your gift matters.

As a charity (charitable number: 119122091RR0001), Rockway is able to issue charitable tax receipts to you for all eligible gifts of $10 or more as per the guidelines of Canada Revenue Agency.

To discuss how you would like to support Rockway, please contact Christine Rier, Director of Advancement, or 519-743-5209 x 3011


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