Family Studies Remodeled

Posted on: November 10th, 2017

The Family Studies facilities at Rockway received a significant overhaul this summer, in conjunction with the creation of the new Art studios and Digital Media Lab, and the results are being cheered by students and teachers alike. All of these renovations were made possible through generous donations to Rockway’s ongoing Lead Us Onward campaign.

The layout of the space was designed with collaboration in mind. Moveable island workstations are spread throughout the room where students can face one another and work together more easily. Teachers use the islands to give clearer demonstrations. The entire space is arranged to accommodate better learning. The all-new cabinets, countertops and host of improved kitchen equipment all help make the space more modern and inviting.

Additionally, the adjacent sewing room has been expanded with an enhanced instructional area and more workspace around each sewing machine.

Its rewarding to see how genuinely happy students are to learn and create together in the updated space.