Prospective Student Events

Rockway offers a variety of events and activities for prospective students and their families, so they can learn about and experience Rockway.

Shadow Visits

Come and shadow a current Rockway student for a day to see what we’re all about! Experience the Rockway community first-hand. Contact for more information.

Information Nights

Rockway holds regular Information Nights for prospective students and their families. Contact to learn more about upcoming opportunities.

Application Process


To apply for admission to Rockway:

  • Download the RMC 2017 Application Form (writeable PDF)
  • Fill application out completely and make sure that parent(s) and student sign in the appropriate place.
  • Collect the following information:
    • student’s most recent report card
    • a non-refundable tuition deposit of $200 Cdn. Either:
      • submitted by cheque
      • submitted by cash
  • Mail or deliver the application, report card and deposit to:
    Rockway Mennonite Collegiate
    110 Doon Rd. 
    Kitchener, ON
    N2G 3C8

Our first application deadline is February 24, 2018 but we encourage you to submit them as soon as possible to have the best chance for acceptance. All applications received by that date will be notified by late March.

If you have special circumstances around admission, please contact us directly at the number shown below.

Our mailing address is at the bottom of this web page.

Contact for more information, or call 519-743-5209.

Application FAQ

View FAQ
  • How do I apply for admission to Rockway?
    Canadian students must complete the RMC 2017 Application Form (writeable PDF) and return it to Rockway with a copy of their latest report card and a $200 non-refundable deposit.
  • I am not a Canadian citizen or Landed Immigrant? How do I apply?
    Non-Canadian students must complete the International Application Form and return it to Rockway with a copy of their latest report card and a $400 Application Fee. Read more about the International Student application process.
  • I am a current Rockway student. Do I need to re-apply for next year?
    Yes. All students must go through the application process each year. To make it easier, parents of existing students are provided a link to our online portal where they can complete the re-application process. Re-applications begin February 1st and should be submitted by February 28th at the latest. A non-refundable tuition deposit of $300 is due with the re-application.
  • When re-applying, what happens to my $300 deposit if I choose not to attend Rockway?
    The $300 is a non-refundable deposit.
  • What happens to my tuition deposit if I do attend Rockway?
    The full tuition deposit will be credited to your first account statement that is sent out in August.
  • I am applying to Rockway for the first time. Is there anything else I need to do other than fill out the application form, send in my latest report card (and related documents if needed) and a $200 non-refundable deposit?
    Once this information has been received, all new Canadian parents and students will be interviewed by the Principal and Director of Admission & Recruitment. All students who meet the application criteria and are accepted for study at Rockway will receive a conditional acceptance. Once this letter has been issued, an additional non-refundable tuition deposit of $300 is required to confirm the students’ attendance. This deposit will be applied to the September tuition charge.
  • What are the application criteria? Does every applicant get accepted?
    All applications are reviewed by our Admissions Committee and a recommendation is sent forward recommending either acceptance or asking for further information. Each individual’s application is reviewed with respect to academic strength and need, along with social and behavioural realities related to learning. The Admissions Committee seeks to bring fairness in matching the learning needs and goals of individual students with the academic program we offer. Where appropriate, further conversation will be pursued with families and/or schooling professionals familiar with a student’s learning need, so that the fullest context of necessary support may be determined. In general, students with special learning needs must be able to handle the regular grade level program with appropriate and available accommodations and support.
  • Are there admission priorities?
    Admission priorities are: present students, new students from the Mennonite constituency, siblings of present students and new students outside of our supporting constituency.
  • What are the expectations of students?
    We expect all students to be supportive of the Code of Learning and Behaviour and be committed to take academic studies and behavioural expectations seriously. Theres is a space for each student to sign their application and re-application form signifying their commitment to these expectations.
  • Does Rockway receive any Special Education funding from the Ministry of Education?
    We do not receive any ministry funding for Special Education so we are careful to assess whether we can provide appropriate resource support for applicants if necessary.
  • Are there any grants or scholarships that I can apply for?
    Yes. For more information please check out our Scholarships & Tuition Assistance section lower on this page.
  • How do I find out if I have been accepted?
    Applications are reviewed year round and families are notified as soon as possible. For applications submitted before February 28th, acceptance letters will be mailed out in early March.
  • Does any portion of my tuition payments qualify for a charitable receipt?
    Yes. In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) Information Circular 75-23 Rockway follows the prescribed formula to receipt a portion of the tuition fees paid.

More Frequently Asked Questions.

Tuition Information

By investing in a Rockway education, you are investing in a small school for a big world. Your investment will shape your child’s life.


As a private school, Rockway relies on tuition fees to cover approximately 82% of the costs of the school. Most of the balance is made up by the generous donations of our supporters.

Tuition fees cover all required activities both inside and outside of the school, with the exception of textbooks which are purchased by the student.

We acknowledge that tuition can be a difficult hurdle to overcome on your journey to Rockway. Because of the ongoing support of many generous donors, Rockway is able to provide a variety of tuition subsidies and scholarships. Many families are also eligible for assistance from their church congregations.

Rockway is a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and is able to provide tax-deductible donation receipts for tuition fees beyond a calculated amount. Due to the nature of the calculations according to CRA’s formula, the receipt amount varies from year to year and cannot be confirmed in advance. In 2015, Rockway was permitted to give charitable receipts for tuition paid in excess of $8,350.

Thanks to the contributions of many donors, Rockway is able to provide Tuition Assistance to approximately 50 families each year based on financial need.

2017-2018 Tuition: $15,580


  • Rockway Subsidy for students attending MCEC congregations – $5770
  • Rockway Subsidy for students attending Affiliate (Mennonite Brethren and Brethren in Christ) congregations – $1,480
  • Rockway Subsidy for pastors of MCEC congregations – $2,900 (may be combined with MCEC and Rockway Subsidy)
  • Rockway Subsidy for families with multiple students  – $1,340-2,200

For more information on Tuition Fees and Subsidies, Tuition Assistance and Scholarships, and how to make Rockway affordable, contact the David Lobe, Director of Admissions & Recruitment via email or telephone 519-342-0007 x3029.

To determine the tuition cost for your family, please contact the admissions office at or 519-743-5209.


Rockway offers scholarships established by donors wishing to provide funds for students who require extra assistance with tuition payments.

  • Una Cressman Entrance Scholarship: $500 for a new Grade 9 student from an MCEC congregation. The Una Cressman Entrance Scholarship is an award given annually to a Grade 9 student entering Rockway Mennonite Collegiate. It is awarded in the memory of Una Cressman who was a nurse and a tireless church worker in Argentina.
  • Isaac and Helen High Entrance Scholarship: $500 for a new Grade 7 student from an MCEC congregation. The Isaac and Helen High Entrance Scholarship fund was established with part of a gift from the High’s estate in 1999. The High Scholarship was established as an award given annually to a Grade 7 student entering Rockway Mennonite Collegiate.
  • Harold D. Groh Scholarship: $350 for a new Grade 11 or 12 student from an MCEC congregation. Harold D. Groh, an ordained minister of the Mennonite Church, was secretary of the founding committee of Rockway Mennonite School.  He was appointed its first principal, a position he held from  1945 – 1956.  Mr. Groh was steadfastly loyal to the school in promoting and building support for it throughout the constituency.
  • Rella Woolner Music Scholarship: $2000 for a student at Rockway who is passionate about music! The successful applicant will have demonstrated an involvement and proficiency in music (vocal / instrumental) at school, church and/or in the community.

To apply for a Scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Application Form . For further information,contact or call 519-743-5209.

Tuition Assistance

Rockway has a tuition assistance program available to help Canadian families who require financial assistance to make Rockway a reality for them.


Tuition assistance is awarded at the sole discretion of the school to any qualified applicant, with priority given to returning students, siblings of returning students, and families from our MCEC, MB or BIC conference churches.

Please note that income questions will be asked as part of the application process.

The tuition assistance application form must be returned with the application or re-application form.

To apply for Tuition Assistance, please complete the Tuition Assistance Application Form [PDF]. For further information, contact or call 519-743-5209.

Note that students may apply for Scholarships AND Tuition Assistance. Forms must be completed each school year.

Application Form Download:

Apply Now



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